Sunday, February 22, 2009


Right when I say I am not getting anything else for my apartment I found these green houndstooth chairs I had to get for my "future home"! They will work perfectly with the classic modern style that I want to go in my next home. They had my name written all over them and I couldn't pass them up. Since I don't have room in my apartment they are blocking our entryway but the good thing is that I am reminded how much I love them every time I get home or leave. Thank goodness I have a husband that understands cute chairs are needed even when there isn't room in our apartment!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Just a few projects....

I love it. Lately I have had a itch to craft, re-upholster, paint, wallpaper, build, and just get down and dirty and create something. With being in an apartment it makes it difficult to do anything perminant. I have tried to stay away from doing much more with my apartment since we will be moving in about 2 months, and most likly the things that I have for this apartment won't move perfectly into our next home, and i don't want to move it to where we will be. So I have the itch, and can't do much about it! But there have been a couple things that I have done and I owe my sister a ton of pictures so that she can see my little aparment life.

Domino featured a kitchen and it had the cutest saying "BE CALM and CARRY ON"...I thought it was so cute, and I knew I will definantly want in my future home. So the other night Lauren and I decided to come together and craft. We got down and dirty (and almost high) spray painting her dresser a white laqure, and then with Laurens graphic design skills we recreated the same "Be Calm Carry On" Poster. We got a white mat and white frame and perfecto Something that i love, for an altogether total of $26!

Also, here are the other pictures that my sister has been begging for, a picture of my office with my new armoire, the perfect solution to hide my sewing & copy/fax machine. I love it! Jimmy can be doing homework on the desk, and i am busy sewing in my handy dandy armoire.

Just had to post of my new "BE CALM and CARRY ON" addition, and post pictures of my office for my sister to see.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Update...its been a while!

Its been a while since I have posted. And Yes, I have been watching the bachelor every Monday, and I can't wait for tonights. Diana is comming back and she needs the boot!
Anyways, so I just thought I would update everyone with the only few pictures I have taken during these eventful last months. It was so nice spending Jimmy and My first Holiday season together. We absolutly feel lucky we have almost (two months away) had such an amazing first year of marrage. People told us it would be hard to adjust, but for us it has been so enjoyable spending every second possible having fun together, and never needing to "go home" at the end of the night since now we have our own home. We feel we are either lucky people, or just Best Friends, that love eachother so much! haha
The favorite holiday so far, has been Valentines day. Jimmy has been so busy from working for Orbit, taking his last classes in school (which includes anatomy, yuck!), and managing for Stone Security. We havn't had much US time with him waking up at 6, going to work, comming home for dinner and then off to his classes, leaving his lunches and dinners for recruting time, and Mondays for Basketball. Ahh, I can't wait till it is over! Only Two Months away! But in the mean time, we have been taking advantage of the short time we have together.
For Valentines day we had the most perfect date ever. It holds a place in both Jimmy and my heart because we meet at a Valentines day party two years ago! But for this valentines day we woke up and had couple massages which was so amazing. Then we went home got ready and headed up to Park city, shoped at the Outlets and then went on our way to Ruth's Chris...Yum! It was perfect. I was with him all day without phone calls or interuptions. Just US! I appretiate Jimmy so much with all that he does, and the time he takes to make me happy. I love much!!
So in short for the pictures, there are a couple of valentines day, and one with my nephew and I during Christmas....I wish I would have taken more. I need to be better at grabbing my camra, to remember the moments!
I hope that everyone else has had a great holiday season...even though it is far past, and is enjoying the last few winter months!