Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

It has been so long since I have taken the time to update our Blog! We have so much going on and so much to update! So here it Goes...

1. We have been back in Utah for almost two months now! We purchased our first home and are so excited, and have had fun making it feel like home. We feel so blessed to be back in Utah with our family and friends, and be in such a great neighborhood.

2. We got the Red Dragon running! It is a red old Honda 90 that was made in 1968. It has sat at Adriennes house for a long time and has not been registered since 1981...before Jimmy and I were even Born! Adrienne got it when she was 16, and drove it everywhere. We have loved riding on it in the cold weather all around our neighborhood with gloves, goggles and scarves to keep us warm...people laugh at us as they drive by, WE LOVE it!

3. DANIEL is HOME!!! After serving in Poland for two whole years he is Back!! WE have loved having him home. I am so proud of him! Along with him comming home Stephanie and Britton came in for a visit. We have loved having our family all together once again!!

4. Jimmy was promoted to an outside Medical Sales rep covering the whole Salt Lake territory. His company has been so great to Him. When we decided that we did not want to take the Seattle Region, He knew he wanted to continue with the company he was working with, but thought it would take a bit longer to get into the outside position being that there are about 15 guys that all wanted this position in Utah. With Jimmy's good looks, hard work, and personality he was given the position. I am so proud of him.

5. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Every year halloween just keeps getting better and better. Jimmy and I love Holidays, and Halloween has become one of our favorites! On Thursday, with us being in our home we threw a Halloween party. We loved having all of our Friends over, and I do have to say, Jimmy once again blew us all away in tight Spandex, but I do have to say those legs make me jealous. All of the costumes keep getting better and better, and this was no exception. Friday, Adrienne threw her annual party which we all love. It is ALWAYS fun seeing everyones costumes and the pumpkin carving contest that everyone wins. Hearing Andys whitty comments on the Pumpkins such as the PP pumpkin (patterned pumpkin) or simon birch, operation smile.... just to name a few, kept us laughing. Tonight, Jimmy and I decided we wanted to stay home for our First Halloween in our home and see all of the kids dressed up in there costumes. We have had so many Kids come by, all the cutest things ever, we have loved it.

Here are a couple of pictures of Halloween, our house and the red dragon. I will post more in a couple of days of Daniels Homecoming. It feels good to be back Blogging and hopefully I won't get behind again!