Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally getting settled!

Finally we are getting settled in our new apartment! We have been so happy here we haven't wanted to leave! Sunday we had our first dinner over at our house with My family, Grandpa Boone, Lisa and Zach. It was so nice to have my grandpa here, he was on his way to move to Saint George! We all feel so lucky to have him close by! I'm sad I didn't get a picture with everyone, but I got a picture of the table. :) It was so nice to finally have a home where we can invite family and friends over to! Here are a couple pictures of the apartment...its not done yet, but my sister wanted to see it right away!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

See Ya Scionara Hello Murano!!

So we finally got rid of my fun little car! I was so sad to see it go, but it had to because no one could fit in the back if they were bigger than 5'2, no SUV could see me cause the car was so short, and for the winter I knew my "I'm stuck in the snow" episodes were turning into a part time job for Jimmy's brother AJ! I tried getting rid of it a couple times and then things kept comming up! The first time I put it up for sale an SUV hit me comming out of a car wash, second time a Hummer ran into the back of me, and just on our way to go trade it in this time a Sequoia ran into the back of us with there bike rack...luckly we were able to wipe the scrapes out! All SUV's. And I could never forget to mention the chain in our little way. From Day one we named it sionara... and it lived up to its name fully. I loved that car and I put it though so much and it was still so good to me. I knew it needed to go for saftey reasons and so we could fit more than two people in our car. So I just wanted to say soolong scionara, I hope you go to a good owner! So Jimmy and I decided on a Nissan Murano which I had rented when scionara was being repaired from the chain and I absolutly loved it! I knew it would be a perfect car for us for many years to come and we love it! Everyone can see me and people can fit comfortably! We love it and look forward to the many years ahead! haha

Cable Man Jimmy

The neighbors wern't home to ask to borrow the cable for the BYU game so Jimmy thought he could undo theirs temporarly didn't work, but luckly the cable people had a cancellation...he was SO worried he would miss the game! This is Him trying to install cable! haha

Dinner with my girlfriends!