Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Baby blessing

We had such a wonderful Sunday. Maylee was blessed by Jimmy, and he gave such a beautiful blessing. I love seeing Jimmy with Maylee and the love that he has for her and the special place she takes in his heart. It also always touches me to see all of our family and friends that love her so much as well. She was perfect and beautiful, and as family and friends held her during the rest of church and that day, I could tell she felt calm and at peace on her blessing day. Can you tell how much we love this little girl, ha! :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Festival of Trees

Every year Jimmy's family donates a tree at the festival of trees in memory of their Brother Rob that passed away. This year the tree was so beautiful, Adrienne, Erin, Patti, and Jeni did such an amazing job! Jimmy and I went this year to start off our Christmas festivities. I couldn't help but feel so blessed as a read the story's of many of the trees donated to have such a wonderful husband and cute sweet daughter. I love Christmas time and the spirit it brings in homes and people everywhere!

Just some Picts of the cutest girl!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Maylee Birth Story

So I know I am doing this a little backwords but I didn't want to miss writing the whole story of how Maylee arrived into our world. So here how it began....

Of course like every pregnant woman, they have a plan on WHEN they are suppose to have there baby besides their due date. Baby Maylee's due date was on the 23rd, but I wanted her out by thanksgiving and not spend Thanksgiving in the hospital! Thanksgiving was coming and Jimmy and I were dying to meet our baby girl! On Thursday the 19th, at about 10:30 Jimmy asked me to cut his hair (it is usually about at one of the most inconvenient times, and Jimmy has to beg) So I agreed, thinking if I have baby Maylee the next day, I would have felt bad not cutting his hair. So we pull up the kitchen rug and I get down to my underwear, cause I didn't want to get hair all over my clothes. I started to cut Jimmy's hair and got to my second cut with the clippers and all of a sudden my water broke...ALL OVER THE KITCHEN FLOOR!!! Jimmy freaked out yelling "What do I do, What do I do!!" (with half a haircut) haha. I told him to clean the water up, and run up stairs and get my bag that I had packed that morning. I hadn't had too many contractions up until my water broke...I thought they were Braxton Hicks cause they weren't too bad! We get in the car and start heading to the hospital and on the Freeway. Of course a cop pulled on the freeway right in front of us and starts slowing down the traffic to a stop. My contractions were getting really bad and I could feel the pain!!! Jimmy was trying to get in front of the cop and the cop kept turning on his lights- you could tell he was mad! Jimmy was waving out the window "My wife is in labor", but of course the cop could not hear. After quite a while of jimmy trying to dart in front of him laying on his horn and waving out the window, Jimmy got to the side of him and yelled "MY WIFE IS IN LABOR!" The cop was like which hospital, and jimmy told him Timpanogus, and he let us by and told us to go quickly to get in front of a beam coming on and closing the freeway. We did...Thank goodness!! We checked into the hospital at about 11, and they said I was dilated to a 2 and the called the anesthesiologist and the doctor. 30 min had gone by and I was in the worse pain of my life. I kept yelling at jimmy to see where the doc and anesthesiologist was and Jimmy would just step outside and pretend he was asking. The anesthesiologist showed up 45 min after I had checked in and I was already dilated at a 7! By time the doctor showed up Jimmy already got to see the top of the baby's head, and with 2 pushes baby Maylee was here by 1! The doctor told me I had laughed the baby out I was so happy to finally see her. It was one of the most amazing experience, and we could not be happier to have such a beautiful, healthy baby girl join our family.